Who We Are

For years retailers and home furnishings manufactures desiring meaningful, well-designed furnishings and accessories have relied on the design and product development services of BridgeBlue– led by partners, J. Kent Martin and Nathan Taylor.

From their creative compound, a fully restored urban block of Springfield MO, the design team brings their combined 40 years of home furnishings experience and talent to their long standing international clients.

In addition to the BridgeBlue product design business, J. and Nathan also have other design related companies within their 40,000 square foot downtown space– a thriving interior design retail store and studio, Obelisk Home, a luxury pet products company, chic, executive office lease spaces and a dozen award winning residential lofts.

Surrounded by their respective talented creative teams and a variety of “come-to-work-everyday dogs” J. and Nathan pursue their passions and inspire their community and industry.

          “Design is fully integrated into our lives, and we couldn’t have it any other way. One aspect of our work energizes and informs the other.”