No matter what stage your project is at, we take it full-circle to its completion.

By focusing solely on the home furnishings and décor industry, we are able to provide our clients with the highest level of service. Our furniture, lighting and accessory designs span the complete spectrum of both style and price point. Countless clients, including major retailers, wholesalers, and hospitality groups, have strengthened their own brands by taking advantage of the unmatched design creativity and beginning-to-end service that BridgeBlue offers. Whether a single product or an entire collection, our full-service approach enables our clients to work with us in the way that is most beneficial to their business model.

Trend Direction

Whether working with provided trend direction or developing one specifically for a client, our creative team ensures that product is relevant to current styles, yet unique in the marketplace. While we take inspiration from many sources such as fashion and travels, our primary objective is to develop collections that sell for our clients and reach their target market, goals and vision.

BridgeBlue Trend Board Bedford

Product Design & Development

A team of artistic, technical and graphic designers continuously add to an archive of over 15,000 new and unique products developed since inception—all styles, all price points. Extensive travel allows our designers the opportunity to keep abreast of ever-changing market trends and oversee product development throughout every stage. Our design staff focuses not only on the design itself, but the best materials to be used as well as the manufacturing process. We work closely with each individual client to develop product that is relevant to their target demographic and meets their desired price point and margin objectives.


Factory Sourcing

We pride ourselves in working with some of the finest factories in the world, each with a specialty of its own. By carefully selecting factories, we ensure that their capabilities are properly matched to meet our clients’ requirements. The factories are closely monitored to ensure that each maintains compliance with our strict quality and safety requirements as well as social and environmental standards.


Production Oversight & Quality Assurance

Our dedicated quality assurance team monitors all phases of the manufacturing process from raw material sourcing to in-line production checks through final inspection and packaging. Strict ethics policies, AQL quality standards, third party factory inspections and independent product testing demonstrate that all products are of the highest quality and produced in responsible and qualified facilities.

j-at-factory BridgeBlue


The capability to ship to and from any port in the world allows us to work with the client to hand over goods at any point along the supply chain or distribution channels. Through electronic data interchange and daily collaboration with brokers and freight forwarders around the globe, our logistics team can communicate with nominated shipping parties or deliver product direct to your warehouse, distribution center or job site.